Visa & Handy Take Hong Kong

Visa wanted to be the top-of-mind payment method with leisure travelers when they are in-destination, particularly in markets like Hong Kong.

Travelers in Hong Kong want to explore the country hassle-free, with constant internet connection and map on hand. “Visa & Handy Take Hong Kong” offered a bridge that connects people to the convenience of exploring Hong Kong, with useful in-market traveling tips and deals.

“Visa & Handy take Hong Kong” was a pilot collaboration with Handy, a free smartphone rental available to hotel stayers. This pilot project extended data-led marketing during the in-destination phase through geo-location mobile solution to deliver targeted messages and content. Travelers were greeted with a Visa-branded welcome message upon checking in to their room, and presented exclusive Visa partner merchant offers around the city, within the City Guide.  When out and about, Handy pushed notifications informing travelers when they were near merchants that accepted Visa, or had Visa-exclusive offers.


The campaign drove significant engagement with the content and double-digit increases in Visa transactions via the Handy app.


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