Powering Urban Nomads

We created the first ever OOH wireless charging stations in Singapore, Australia and Turkey. Through a smart partnership with JCDecaux as the leading OOH vendor we identified major traffic intersections and transformed everyday bus stops into interactive, power-sharing experiences.

The new generation of achievers, also known as urban nomads, is always on the go. The secret to their mobile lifestyle that allows them to work, play, stay connected and in the know 24/7/365: their smartphones. However, this physical reliance and emotional attachment to their mobile devices comes at a cost: anxiety as soon as the power goes down. We created a multi-market OOH campaign that addressed this issue head on. 

The Singaporean team carefully curated 10 busy bus stops along Orchard Road (retail belt with 1.5M visitors weekly) and the Central Business District into powerful hubs or “emergency stations”. Commuters gained 1% of battery life in 1 minute of wireless charging while waiting for their next ride. 

The Australian team created custom outdoor ads in commuter hubs all over Australia that enabled wireless charging. Dynamic mobile ads - using battery detecting tech and tailoring the message accordingly - drove people to the boards. Geo-targeting also provided directions to the closest PowerShare Stations. 

But the Turkish team topped them all: they not only converted the most crowded bus stops in Istanbul, but combined the rescue of charging a smartphone with the positive cause of recycling paper, glass and plastic waste to keep the city clean - a media first experiential project with purpose. 


We drove increases in purchase intent and awareness, while thousands of people charged up.

This campaign was Best Use of OOH at the Singapore Media Awards in 2019 and received a Bronze Lions in Cannes 2019 (Mobile – Activation by Location).


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