Mead Johnson
Kids’ Smart Talk

Mead Johnson/Enfa

Country China

In recent years, infant formula competitors were diluting Enfa’s unique selling point of “helpful for baby brain development.”

We needed to reignite awareness for Enfa, especially among younger moms.  Raised by the famously strict “Tiger Mothers,” younger moms oppose the strict upbringing models they had during their childhood, and they are keen on breaking the molds.

One of the moments when they most break with the past are around behaviors that grandparents see as ‘naughty’ ... but moms see as witty and smart. We co-created the program "Kids' Smart Talk" - China's first kids' debate program where kids’ witty and naughty words were recognizable as signs of their intelligence. The show also equipped our moms with valuable and modern baby-case knowledge. 

We further amplified our stories on China’s leading baby vertical site Babytree, where our content mirrored the topic of each episode. And on DouYin (TikTok) we uploaded videos of kids doing cheeky things, like stealing their mom’s make up, showing how smart and cute they are in their everyday life.


Enfa saw considerable improvements in awareness, brand preference and purchase intent. The brand's equity statement “help with brain development” was the most mentioned by consumers after watching the program.


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