Krispie Kitchen


Country United States

Voice assistant technology combined with the power of social media influencers unlocks an interactive treat-making adventure.

Time-strapped parents want their kids to experience all the magic of the holidays, but need help to make it happen. That’s where Rice Krispies Treats come in!

For a sticky-gooey marshmallow dessert, voice commands were the perfect platform for our holiday experience - no sticky phone or tablet screens! We designed Krispie Kitchen, a one-of-a kind voice-controlled experience that guided kids through a treat making activity while also captivating them with unique Christmas fairytales. Each was an interactive audio story using narration and sound effects that guided families through the steps to transform their Rice Krispies Treats into holiday themed edible art.


Parents and kids didn't just listen to the stories, they purchased the treats, driving increased base sales for the holiday period. Krispie Kitchen was the first-ever packaged food action on Google Assistant and 2,500 people engaged with Krispie Kitchen in just two weeks.


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