Cadbury in Ramadan: From Drool to Table

In Egypt, there are two seasons where our chocolate sales drop: 1) Ramadan, when 90% of the population is fasting from sunrise to sunset and 2) Summer, when the dire heat causes a huge “melting” problem. And in 2019, Ramadan was going to kick off the summer season!

As a reward for fasting all day, people allow themselves to indulge in traditional oriental desserts. To bring Cadbury into the mix, we invented exclusive Cadbury oriental creations for their Ramadan cravings.  We partnered with chefs at Nola - Egypt’s most famous cupcake house - who came up with select recipes that combined Cadbury chocolate with traditional oriental desserts. Our recipe videos were indulged by millions, and each video ended with a shop to buy the readymade dessert, delivered to your doorstep by Uber Eats. Our fans drooled, baked, and bought their favorite desserts by the tons.


Millions CadburyXNola dessert creations were purchased inside Nola Cupcakes stores, and over a million orders were delivered through Uber Eats.


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