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Starcom UK's 2022 Trends Report
Published on February 10, 2022
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Welcome to Starcom UK’s Trends for 2022 report, where we outline the trends and the tensions that we believe lie ahead in the months to come and are worth planning for.

Our starting point is always culture; what new behaviours, legislations, celebrations and concerns are shaping society? And what will they mean for advertisers? For where there are challenges in society, we believe brands have a responsibility to try to find the resolutions that matter through media. 2022 will continue to be a year full of opportunities and challenges. From the pressures surrounding the climate crisis to the excitement of another huge year for international sport, there is the sense that we all need to dig deep and perform against all the odds. So much so, that this year we’ve identified ‘Resilience’ as a common thread that runs through much of what we see and the trends we’ve outlined in this report. Both communities and brands are showcasing incredible strength during prolonged uncertainty and are adapting their behaviour in fascinating new ways. These include YOLO mentalities, a work reset, national soul-gazing, the desire to repair and renew cherished items, and leaping into the future with virtual possessions.

Please find the full report here.


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