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Starcom's 2021 Forces of Change
Published on March 02, 2021
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In February 2020, Starcom issued our inaugural Forces of Change report. Our aspiration was to examine the powerful dynamics (whether cultural, economic, or stemming from media or technology) that would have a profound impact on the year ahead. Little would we imagine how much our world would change in a short period of time.

This year, we believe that some Forces of Change from 2020 will continue. Our relationship with health and self-care continues to be at the forefront and may be changed forever. And new forces have emerged as well, as the virtual world now plays such a central role in our lives.

At Starcom, we believe there is an increasing gap between what people want and what brands need for business success. We call that gap the “tension” that sits between brands and people. In this report, we are looking at the Forces of Change through the lens of those tensions.

This year, we’ve also tapped into Starcom’s Human Network for insights on how they’re experiencing Forces of Change in 2021.  Our Human Network is an always-on community of thousands of Starcommers globally who share their insights, passions and perspective to inform client briefs, growth insights and agency thought leadership. It is just another way we continue to deepen our understanding of people and what’s important to them at the pace of culture.

As our world remains complex, volatile and disrupted, we will continue to assess Forces of Change impacting people and what this means for brands in the months to come.

Download our 2021 Forces of Change report here. 


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