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How Starcom UK leveraged Samsung UK data to maximise high-level product revenue
Published on December 09, 2021
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By aligning ad spend relative to the profits generated by individual products, spend increased fourfold and revenue was doubled.


The aim was to increase overall sales numbers through the high profit margin products, by aligning ROAS [Return On Ad Spend] targets with the profits generated by each product. Essentially, the idea was that by driving increased volume on high profit Stock Keeping Units [SKUs], the client’s bottom line would see an uplift, even with a campaign ROAS goal lower than it had previously been.


Starcom spotted an opportunity to increase overall transaction level on high-profit items by pivoting towards a bidding strategy for Google Shopping, based on the profit margins of three separate product groups. As an initial test, this was rolled out across Smart Shopping on Samsung tablets and wearables, with an aim of being able to increase cost and sales through high profit product segments. 

Using a breakdown of profit margins at a product SKU level, three buckets of products (low/mid/high) were created. Bidding strategies were built for each bucket and the respective products were placed into their specific bid strategies. The benefits of running on Smart Shopping meant that once the target ROAS goals had been established for each bucket and the specific campaigns had been created, the building out of the Smart Shopping campaigns was relatively straightforward. Ensuring the product feed had multiple up-to-date image variants allowed for Smart Shopping to test multiple ad variants.

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