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Starcom US launches Chapter 1 in new report on the Middle Class
Published on September 14, 2023
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Defining the Middle Class

Depending on who you ask, the middle class is made up of 83 million or almost 200 million people, defined by income or defined by status, economically important or a dying breed. But almost everyone agrees that it’s important and it’s struggling right now.

It’s undeniable the middle class makes up a giant chunk of our population, but our complete collective confusion about who they are means we don’t understand the vast majority of consumers.We don’t know what their hopes, dreams and challenges are. As a result, we don’t know how they want to be spoken to by brands. We sought to examine the following questions about a group that likely represents more than half our consumer base:

1. Who is the middle class?

2. What assumptions do we make about them?

3. What are their goals and barriers to achieving them?

4. What are their lives actually like?

5. How can we resonate better with them?


Read the full report here.


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