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How Samsung UK successfully targeted a business audience with bespoke video
Published on July 01, 2021
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Samsung Business UK (@samsungbusiness) wanted to stoke demand for its Galaxy Enterprise Edition, a package of mobile technology devices and services. It was particularly keen to reach a key audience of business and IT decision-makers working across all sizes of business in financial and professional services.

@samsungbusiness wanted to showcase brand messages around mobility, security, and flexibility, and saw the tone of this messaging as crucial to the potential success of the campaign. Working with its media agency Starcom UK (@Starcom_UK), it devised a strategy designed to drive demand on Twitter and founded on the twin pillars of targeting and creative.

First, the agency and client built on lessons they had learned from their 2019 B2B campaigns to create improved Twitter targeting pools. They put these together from an extensive range of “moment” signals, interest groups, and key influencers, putting these together to pinpoint their difficult-to-reach audience.

They then planned a campaign that featured a variety of snappy video creative. This was designed to sustain the interest of the audience and reduce creative fatigue, improving the likelihood of the target audience clicking through to the website.  

To further optimise the campaign, @samsungbusiness and @Starcom_UKdecided to avail of the Blue Brush service from Twitter ArtHouse to get bespoke video creative designed to shine on the platform. 

According to Michelle Lira, B2B Lead, Starcom UK: “This campaign exceeded our campaign benchmarks. It delivered 66% more impressions than planned, with the Blue Brush creative delivering 24% better clickthrough rates despite our main KPI being reach. We’re very happy as it shows social-specific creative helps drive better results.”

To read the full case study from Twitter here


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