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Forces of Change: A COVID-19 Update
Published on April 03, 2020
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As we enter a new decade, we see a number of unique and powerful forces of change (whether cultural, human, media or technology) that are poised to have an undeniable impact on the human experience in the decade ahead.

And without question, one of the greatest forces our modern world has ever experienced is the global Covid-19 crisis, which is changing everything; how we live, work, play and connect with each other.  In this updated report we consider how the pandemic is intersecting with and impacting the existing forces of change identified in early 2020.

This report examines forces of change through the lens of 11 core tensions, which we define asthe friction that sits between brands and people.  Some of the changes will increase tension and pose even greater challenges to people and brands coming together. Conversely, some of the forces of change represent opportunities for brands to reduce the tensionthat potentially interferes with them truly connecting with and satisfying people.

Interestingly,  one immediate impact we have seen due to the global pandemic is the introduction of a new tension:  People can’t find/buy you (Scarcity/Lack of Availability).   As people pantry-load,  panic-buy,  and stock-up for the difficult times ahead,  we see for the first time in the post-WW II age that one of the major tensions between People and Brands is simply not having product or service availability and people literally lacking the opportunity to buy or use the brand.

While our world is changing rapidly, we will continue to assess the impact of COVID-19 on people and brands. In the meantime, we hope this provides inspiration and insights on where we are today.

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