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2020 Forces of Change: How They Will Impact People & Brands
Published on February 25, 2020
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As we enter a new decade, we know people are experiencing the world in new and different ways. Empowered by technological innovation and endless choices, people are firmly in control and are carving their own paths.

We see a number of unique and powerful forces of change (whether cultural, human, media or technology) that are poised to have an undeniable impact on the human experience in the decade ahead.

At Starcom, we believe that there is an increasing gap between what people want and what brands need to do for business success. We call that gap the “tension” that sits between brands and people, and we’ve identified 11 common sources of tension that cause friction between brands and people.

In this report, we are looking at the forces of change through the lens of those 11 tensions. Some of the changes will increase tension and pose even greater challenges to people and brands coming together. Conversely, some of the forces of change represent opportunities for brands to reduce the tension and friction that gets in the way of them truly connecting with and satisfying people.

We hope this report sparks ideas, inspiration and discussion about the potential of the human experience in the decade ahead.

Download the report PDF here


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