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14 Noteworthy Media Agency Execs Bringing Fresh Perspectives and Deep Insights to Their Brands
Published on May 12, 2019
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Consumer attention is fleeting, and only the bold and brave cut through the noise.

To that end, media in all of its forms needs to work harder and smarter. This year’s Media All-Stars are not only up for the challenge but steaming ahead to create unforgettable work for brands and exciting opportunities for their teams. Our Executive of the Year, Michael Epstein, led the charge for Carat in the U.S., reinvigorating the agency by investing heavily in talent and training, and the positive results speak for themselves. And Rising Star Nadalie Dias of Hearts & Science developed a system to keep her team energized, engaged and always looking forward. Times are changing, but this year’s class of Media All-Stars continues to stay ahead of the curve. —Doug Zanger


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