SMG and Time Inc Study Shows Brands May Be Mistargeting Mums

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Advertising may need to do more to keep up with changes in society after a study by Time Inc and Starcom Worldwide found the majority of women are disillusioned with being viewed only as mothers.

The study, published by The Drum, of 1,000 women with children aged under 15—a group it dubbed MUMentum Mums—looked at the new behaviors, attitudes and values of the consumer group, and found that the conventional image and expectation of being a ‘super-mum’ at home is a thing of the past.

Some of the findings include:

When targeting mums, brands should consider the value of mobile. A whopping 71% of mothers keep their mobile turned on at all times and use apps to manage their lives.

Mums build their lives around a complex ecosystem of needs such as challenge, inspire and comfort. It is important for marketers to understand these needs in order to connect with this group.