Desmond: Davos More Important Than Ever

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“More global marketers are attending the [World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland] than ever before,” Laura Desmond, Publicis Groupe CRO and SMG Global CEO, writes in a column for The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today. In the piece, Desmond cites three reasons the annual is more important to marketers than ever before:

• Davos is about the intersection between global issues affecting society and business, and marketers see that intersection most clearly and are best positioned to develop strategies that connect them.

• Global social causes—such as workplace diversity, LGBT rights, equal pay, the refugee crisis, climate change, access to clean water and others—are a business imperative.

• Data and technology are reinventing marketing, and agencies have the opportunity to lead clients through that revolution.

“In a time of immense technological change, our industry has a responsibility to move away from the combative agency vs. marketers vs. procurement approach that has dominated headlines and does us a disservice,” Desmond writes. “We should take a Davos-like approach that honors collaboration and debate and honor new solutions that move us all forward.”