VIDEO: Laura Desmond at 2015 Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit

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Starcom Worldwide Global CEO Laura Desmond was among the “titans of technology, politics, business and media” who took the stage at the 2015 Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. Desmond joined Medium CEO Ev Williams, Vice Media Founder and CEO Shane Smith and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong for a panel discussion titled “An Uneasy Marriage—Tech, Media and Money,” which was moderated by Vanity Fair Contributing Editor Sarah Ellison. Among other points, Desmond discussed disruption and the top-of-mind topic of ad blocking: It comes down to consumers’ experiences with content, she explained. “We are collectively owners of that experience, and we need to increase the engagement by bringing people what they want to see, by entertaining [them] and by giving them value. When consumers see that publishers and marketers are giving them value, they’ll stick around.”